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July 31: Arrival in Paris, local NWCs and don't forget to register!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

While you’ve been training and spinning those wheels, getting ready for the 12th of September, we have been spinning some plates in order to have everything ready for you:

Arrival and reception at the Mairie du 8e Arrondissement

We’re honoured to announce, that the Madame la Maire Jeanne d'Hauteserre will welcome the Nicola Werner Challenge upon arrival in Paris around 17:00.

The finish line will be in the courtyard of the Mairie, refreshments will be there, and we’ll give a special recognition to some participants.

Six local rides

Due to the current travel restrictions many friends can’t come to Paris. We were talking earlier as a Corona “workaround” about riding a Nicola Werner Challenge locally on the same day.

Basel: Andy Kessler the founder of Opencycle will organizing a ride for the region.

Black Forest: Heiko Stahl and Jörg Dinger will create a group ride in this beautiful, however quite mountainous region.

Bochum: Sebastian Meyer zu Selhausen will take the lead for our large “Ruhrgebiet+“ community for the event.

Lyon: Arnaud Manzanzini will set up a ride as part of the Inauguration of his new venture Les Grimpeurs.

Medidata: Our partner Medidata will suggest to its employees to ride locally on this day.

Seattle: Jason Grahn who’s been traveling twice to the Nicola Werner Challenge will host the ride.

We didn’t expect this and are extremely excited about so many local rides. We’re very grateful for you taking up this particular Challenge of organizing a local Nicola Werner Challenge! And we hope that more are to come…

Don't forget to register

We're pretty impressed about the more than 120 participants who've signed up for Paris. What you've shared about your ride dedication is touching and very strong.

And if you haven’t yet, please do us the favour and register now! You help us with organizing the event which this year has the hurdle of working with the covid 19 rules in a very compressed time frame.

Please don’t wait until the last minute which is the closing of registration on August 31. The earlier we know that you will be joining us, the more flawless the experience will be for you!

Remember to tell your friends about the challenge, and motivate them to ride alongside you, or to participate in one of the local rides.

Enjoy a wonderful summer break!


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