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Moritz Werner

In early 2016, Nicola and Moritz knew it wouldn't be long before they had to part ways for the first time.

They talked in depth about letting the other go, and they spoke at length about their legacy. In one of their last exchanges, Moritz promised Nicola to honour her last wish: 

"No other women should suffer the same fate as I!"

Nicola passed away in February 2016.

In April, Moritz started to work on two projects:

  • Displaying Nicola's exhibition "Art against cancer" at the DKFZ and Institut Gustave Roussy to raise awareness

  • Organising a memorial ride with 35 friends to the beaches of Normandy from Paris to raise funds for cancer research

He thought he could move on after these initial activities. However, Moritz underestimated the interest in continuing the ride in the following year.

In hindsight, it was evident that he would capitalize on the vast expertise and experience he accumulated during his professional career to build The NWC:

  • Recalling the hard lessons from his apprenticeship on organic farms: everything that three people can do, two can do as well

  • Applying the structured approach of Management Consulting: setting out on a mission, building a plan and strategy, thinking in processes

  • Drawing on the learnings from 20 years in corporate sales: setting ambitious objectives, telling the story, being attentive, patient, and persevering, always seeking buy-in, working in virtual environments, being numbers-driven, taking the customer's perspective, and understanding that there are no shortcuts

  • Leveraging his worldwide network of friends and former colleagues while remaining authentic

  • Incorporating what he learned from Nicola during the almost 30 years they lived together

Most importantly, it's all about purpose!

In addition to growing the NWC, Moritz pursues two other projects:

  • Creating kind and natural portrait and people photography

  • Sharing his expertise on purpose, resilience, and setting and achieving goals in talks as a strategist, mentor, or advisor.


Rennradfahren gegen Krebs - Moritz Werner über die NWC

In conversation With Moritz Werner 

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