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May 19: Save the date!

In this time of uncertainty it is hard to plan ahead, and it seems strange doing so. You probably don't even know what you will be doing 2 weeks from now, yet alone this September.

We'd like to change that:

The Nicola Werner Challenge Ed N°5 will take place on Saturday September 12th this year!

We are determined to make this NWC as joyous as the past ones, hopefully even more so! However it will be different, very different. On account of the Covid 19 Virus, safety measures will be necessary. Probably many of you won't be able to travel and join us in Paris.

If travelling to Paris isn't an option, participate from afar! On the day of the challenge, grab your bike and a few friends and ride locally, and share it with our community virtually! If you are riding with us in Paris, grab a few friends as well. Alright maybe don't actually grab them, bring them along keeping the distance!

More developments are to come :)

Thanks for all your support, stay strong and stay safe!



P.S. follow us on Instagram and join our Strava Club

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