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June 10: Your kit for the Nicola Werner Challenge is ready to order!

For those of you, who follow us on Social Media, you might be aware that something a bit out of the ordinary is in the making. That’s right, it’s time for a change! This year that has already changed so much of what we call “normality” deserves a splash of colour.

Antoine’s initial thought was to work with Nicola’s second colour of choice, green. We sat down with our partners at Be-Poles and Rapha and were more than satisfied with our first results.

Little did we know that green was not enough.

Was it the colours of the neighbouring Beaubourg that inspired Antoine, or the colours of one of Nicola’s paintings? You’ll have to ask Antoine to find out.

However we decided to call this year’s jersey: Edition Beaubourg

This years kit will include a jersey, a cap to wear with your helmet, a functional T-shirt in the same colours of the jersey, and a baselayer with the words

“Live the music that plays within you”.

We advise to order the Kit before July 06, 2020 to guarantee you it’s timely deliver for the Challenge on September 12.

Ride in our kit, even if you cannot come to Paris for the Challenge!

We'd love to see you riding at your location and join us virtually.



P.S. follow us on Instagram and join our Strava Club

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