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July 01: Why do we dedicate our Challenge?

The NWC is quite a Challenge, hence its name. Regardless of the route you choose, you’ll battle it because you want to. By doing so, you help spread the word about HPV caused cancers, for which we are very thankful.

However there are many other forms of cancer out there. Sadly, enough of us have seen a loved one battle cancer. A fight that they did not choose, and a challenge for everyone close to them. It can stop your world, turn itself inside out- the emotional symptoms are as varied and complicated as cancer itself, no experience is the same.

The Nicola Werner Challenge is tough, however it is a battle you chose, and will conquer within a day. No matter where you ride, we ask you to dedicate your ride to someone special, who may have had cancer or another serious , or stood by someone’s side who did. Anyone you feel has been through hard times. Dedicate the challenge to anyone who is battling or has battled a much tougher challenged set by life.

Share the love, share the music that plays within you and share your strength with the NWC Name Plate. Join us and dedicate your ride. Even if the current situation stops you from traveling to Paris, join us from afar and dedicate your ride, run or any other challenge you set yourself!

REGISTER to the Nicola Werner Challenge to get your Plate.

See you on the road!


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