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D-7 Checklist for Paris

A good friend asked yesterday during breakfast "would you have imagined 4 years ago the Nicola Werner Challenge to be at this stage?"

When we set off with 35 friends to cycle in September 2016 200+ km from Paris to Cabourg we would have never ever envisioned riding Nicola Werner Challenges with 250 participants!

For those, who haven't, please

  1. Control whether you've delivered the medical certificate.

  2. Make your donation to the NWC and / or push your fundraising.

  3. Review your SAS group assignment for distance, speed and the approx. departure time.

As a courtesy please send a message in case you've decided not to ride! This helps our planning.

Preparation of the ride

  • Mandatory: Mask, Helmet, rear light, 1 spare innertube

  • Get your NWC kit ready --> we love to see all editions on the road!

  • Check out the routes & download them to your GPS device

The Start at KM0

The slowest start first, the fastest last

Check in will be very light:

  • Each SAS checks in separately using the QR code on the ticket

  • Every participant receives a bike plate + straps to be fixed on the seat post

  • Drop off a small bag for after the ride

--> your ride leader will guide you through the process

--> more details here

We deliver on Thursday September 10

  1. Riders briefing including Corona Specifics

  2. Your SAS with starting time & detailed instructions

Enjoy your weekend!

Jerome & Moritz

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