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Covid & NWC Ed N°5

New cases increase, Paris is labeled red & Germany has issued travel warnings for France, wearing a mask is mandatory ...

You may be curious to know how Covid will impact the NWC on September 12th and whether you still should participate.

Here's how we're going to manage the event to make it "Covid-Safe":

We will follow all guidelines and rules set by the French Federal & local government, which is today in particular requiring to wear a mask even outside, keep the distance, ...

In addition we will establish very specific rules for the ride:

1. We currently plan for groups (SAS) of 10 cyclists including 1 ride leader; provided we are allowed to ride in larger groups, each group will have a maximum of 20 cyclists with 2 ride leaders

2. Streamlined depart at KM0 will be per SAS with a focus on the bare minimum:

  • wear your mask upon arrival & use the hydroalcohilc gel

  • check in via your QR code on the ticket & receive the bike plate;

  • fix the bike plate on the seat post with a cable strap;

  • drop off your small bag in a dedicated box;

  • get ready for the ride

3. Each group will start from KM0 separately and with a minimum GAP of 5 Minutes:

  • Within the groups we ride as usual 2 by 2

  • If a group wants to pass another group we will apply the rules from Triathlon: the slower group lets the faster group pass and will reduce its speed to establish a reasonable distance

  • As much as we all like riding in a big peloton it won't buy you a cup of coffee this time: at the food-stops we have to keep the distance, queue for food & drinks as there is no self service.

  • In order to reduce stress for the volunteers the groups must arrive with a bit of distance at the foodstops (ravitos), obviously we've to wear our masks & use the hydroalcoholic gel

  • Departure from the lunchbreak will follow again a plan per SAS

  • We wait at the Observatory Meudon for our last group prior to descending to Paris

Further details to come for riding towards the finish line

We've been training for the NWC and now we will ride it such that we demonstrate Corona may add an additional challenge but can't get to the core of our mission.

And one last thing for the ride, as much as we miss our friends from Seattle & the rest of the US, the UK, Germany and other countries, we are proud what you all will accomplish! We will ALL connect one way or the other throughout the day.

For those of you, who haven't registered yet, please do so by August 31!

I'm pushing for registration, to have a chance of managing our logistics & to hopefully get for everyone its bike plate.

See you on the 12th!


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