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Help to achieve "no more HPV cancer"

With the new fundraising platform donating is simpler:

  • Donate individually or reach out into your community with your own campaign.

  • Select between monthly and one-time donations in several currencies and choose a preferred payment provider.

At the end of the year, The NWC issues a tax receipt for 100% of the donation.

Recommended minimum donation for participants:

  • Paris €125

  • Berlin & Munich €75

  • Reunion & Saigon €25

  • All other locations €50

About Fundraising

Together we are stronger.

The best way to contribute is to fundraise with your community. By engaging the community you create awareness for HPV  prevention.  

The NWC will support the projects: 

  • Immunotherapy for Cervical Cancer (Gustave Roussy)

  • T-cell responses for head and neck tumours (German Cancer Research Center)

French tax residents receive a recu fiscal for thier donation with a tax rediction of 66% regulations apply.

The Fundraisers

It's impressive to see the effort and passion of the NWC community raising funds to make HPV cancer history!  

We share insights from fellow fundraisers.

Top 3 Fundraiser
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