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THE NWC is a Worldwide Cycling Challenge inspired by Nicola Werner

Established 2016 to raise awareness and funds in the fight against infection and virus caused cancers (HPV).
THE NWC 7 is on Saturday September 10, 2022 in several locations in Europe and North America

The NWC is a cycling event for those who want to take on a sportive challenge with the purpose to promote cancer prevention and raise funds for research.

Your CHALLENGE is the competition: it’s all about your personal sportive challenge whether you are a beginner or a professional, you only compete with yourself and not with others.
Your BIKE PLATE replaces the number on the Bib: dedicate your sportive challenge to a friend or family member who has or is suffering from cancer and their name is shared on the BIKE PLATE.
Your INPUT: “live the music that plays within you!” on September 10, 2022 to create together a very special day to remember!
Your EFFORT counts: pick one of The NWC cities or take on your sportive challenge wherever you are.
You RIDE in groups led by ride leaders, split by distances and pace to meet your abilities
You STOP for coffee and lunch breaks to refuel and mingle with fellow riders.


Your DONATION replaces the entry fee: Give within your capacities; at least 80% of your donations will be used to co-finance cancer research projects (Tax deductible for French tax residents).

Your RECOGNITION: every qualifying participant receives a Starters Package, a Finishers Medaille, a Finishers surprise and participates in the draw for some prestigious rewards.

You SPREAD the word of The NWC with this years “Forêt Sauvage” collection: Get yours, prepare for the big day on September 10 and bring just one additional rider to The NWC 7!


Your CITY is not on the list, if you like, set up your local NWC, we be delighted to help you!

You like to participate in any type of form, then join individually with a sportive activity on September 10

Supported Research Projects

“Live the music that plays within you”

Aaron Davis – Rhode Island USA: 

It has been said that a bicycle is a time travel machine… that putting in the miles up gruelling mountains and thru sparkling valleys can keep you young on both the inside and the outside.

It certainly is a camaraderie machine, bringing together those looking to squeeze the most out of life in roaring pelotons and reflective quiet side by side spins.

And a bike can be a machine for education and for change.

This is what brought me to undertake the Nicola Werner Challenge on a spectacularly beautiful fall day in September 2018.

I have done cancer charity rides more times than I can count, from Lance Armstrong’s Ride for the Roses, to six times up Alpe D’Huez to four times up Mont Ventoux both in the same day. But the Nicola Werner Challenge was different as it was the first one I did as a patient.  

I was diagnosed with a rare and to date incurable eye cancer in August 2016 and began living my life in three month increments thereafter.  I was determined to not just do the Nicole Werner as if it might be my last chance to ride the roads I love so much but I was also determined to share the experience and spread the message with my closest friends. In the end nine of us made the trip across the ocean specifically to ride this wonderful event.  

The region is replete with history and the courses have something appropriate for any level of rider. Support is top notch as well with mechanical coverage, and photographers abound to catch that special smile (or grimace of exertion). Rest stops include not just fresh espresso but the most creative cuisine outside of downtown Paris. Oh yeah, plus there’s Paris before and after…for teambuilding and “carbo-loading” and that needs no further explanation.

Most importantly every pedal stroke is in recognition of and solidarity with cancer warriors, survivors, and those we miss so terribly.  Even if you are unable to join for the ride I urge you to donate funds, purchase some swag, or send as much positive karma as you can afford. The littlest bit makes a difference, as the organisation is extremely lean and staffed with volunteers. The money raised goes directly to the researchers on the frontlines of curing a disease that will inevitably touch each one of us.

And back to the time machine…  If you were unfortunate enough to be directly impacted by cancer, what would you do to go back to its cause and take evasive action? How much would you pay to do things differently if you could understand the path that led you to the diagnosis?  For my case I would do and pay almost anything but there is no known cause and no known vaccine.

There is a vaccine however for HPV which is a leading cause of cervical and other associated cancers. And today’s young men and women can avoid this future cancer with a simple inexpensive vaccine. That is the mission of the Nicola Werner Challenge. Want to make a difference in someone’s future? All it takes is education… and you can be a part of it.

As I mentioned for 2018 I was able to bring 9 riders and my goal for 2019 is 14 inshallah.

Can you commit to just one rider?  

I hope to see you on the starting line.All my best,