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SEPTEMBER 14, 2024:

Ride for cancer research
No more HPV cancer

The NWC is more than cycling: HPV cancer research and its support is instrumental. 

Since its start, The NWC gave almost €300,000 to research at the 

  • Institut Gustave Roussy 

  • German Cancer Research Center.

Let's achieve together €120,000 for HPV Cancer Research this year!

Register and get your discount!

Ride The NWC on September 14, 2024 and go on your journey of risk reduction. 

Reduce your cancer risk by up to 40% with changing behaviour for: 

  • smoking

  • alcohol

  • nutrition

  • weight

  • exercise

Wear the Sunset collection

Wear The NWC with jersey, T-shirt or socks.

Nicola was a painter and her art gives inspiration and hope. You can also purchase a print of her art: its another way to remind us of the cause.

The NWC partners are precious!

Whether local or global our partners contribute significantly to maling The NWC work.

Research is key

The last 10 years showed tremendous improvements in prevention and treatments for HPV cancer.

Research requires massive resources.

The NWC is proud to contribute to these efforts and to have financed a clinical trial.

The NWC is teamwork

Meet the people who make The NWC happen.

We're delighted to have quite a large range of loyal supporters.

Discover who's  "The Family" and maybe you're intrigued to join.

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