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THE NWC is a Worldwide Cycling Challenge inspired by Nicola Werner:

Established 2016 to raise awareness and funds in the fight against
infection and virus caused cancers (HPV).

THE NWC 7 is on Saturday September 10, 2022 in several locations in Europe and North America



 The NWC focuses on cancer prevention and co-finances research projects in the field of virus and infection-caused cancers.

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Nicola Werner was a Paris based artist who
surrendered her life to an HPV caused-cancer in 2016.

In her last breaths, Nicola asked those around her to
go on with their lives in the same spirit as she always had,

living for the moment and seizing each day.


She also wished for her legacy to lead

to the end of this cruel and preventable disease.


"Wie Krebs durch Viren verursacht wird und wie man sich davor schützen kann, ist seit 50 Jahren Schwerpunkt meiner Forschung. Durch frühzeitige Impfung von Jugendlichen können wir heute, HPV verursachte Krebserkrankungen weitgehend vermeiden. Die Initiative von Nicola Werner ist wichtig, um dieses Wissen zu verbreiten, damit jeder Zugang zu der Impfung findet."


Prof. Dr. Harald zu Hausen, Nobel Price Laureate 2008




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