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Ride on September 14, 2024 for Cancer Research 

THE NWC takes place in 20 cities on 3 continents.


  • You ride in a group of up to 20 cyclists guided by two Ride Leaders

  • You receive a starter pack: bike plate, bidon & energy bars

  • You are rewarded with a finisher gift: gourmet medal & pencil


Dedicate the ride to someone who has or had cancer: the name of the person 

is shown on your bike plate


  • Fundraise and donate in favour of cancer research

  • The minimum donation* is for Paris €125 and for other cities €75

The NWC is not a race: depart, ride and arrive together!

* Donations from French residents are tax deductible with 66% regulations apply


Start: between 5:30 and 9:30 at the Triathlon Store close to the Arc de Triomphe

Distance: between 80 & 300km rollign hill; lunch Le Barn Hotel 

Arrival: around 16:30 at Point Éphémère

New City

Start: 9:00 at  Cycles Lecolier - Specialized Lille.

Distance: 50-120km Gravel and Route

Arrival: as of 13:00 at Cycles Lecolier

Start: 7:30 at L'Étang-Salé

Distance: 50km - flat

Arrival: as of 11:00 at L'Etang-Salé

Start: 9:30 at Pista Café

Distance 70km Gravel and 80km mountains: up and down Mont Ventoux 

Finish: as of 13:00 at Pista café

Start: 9:30 place des fines herbes

Distance: 100km rolling hills

Arrival: as of 16:00 in Obernai

New City

Registration opens in June

In process to be confirmed

Start: 8:30 at Wilma

Distance: 100km rolling hills

Finish: as of 13:00 at Wilma

Registration opens April 10, 2024

Start: 9:00

Distance: 80km flat; to join the NWC at the Barn

Arrival: as of 16:30 at Point Èphémère

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