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The NWC Family

The NWC is a volunteer driven initiative: everyone gives as much as he/she can, instead of what he/ she wants.

It requires quite a little army behind the scenes to get 800 cyclists in 17 cities on 3 continents on the road.

We're delighted to introduce you to the growing family.

Core Team

The NWC is led by a core team of 7 complementary members.

All Stars

The NWC is proud of having a very loyal community with 5 and more participations.

City Organizers

They build the communities around the world.


You may not see them, but they make the magic happen: photographers, drivers, feeding...


We are very honored that they are key contributors.


They spread the word of The NWC with passion

Ride Leaders

They take care of 20 cyclists on the D-day and create an amazing experience.


The NWC offers 3 tiers of partnerships: Gold, Silver & Bronze

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