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Acryl on Canvas 60cm x 80cm, Christmas 2011


Nicola commented:

" I once painted a last-minute picture, that Moritz really loves, but for me, it is total chaos. I can’t identify with this painting. The explosion and you see the resulting energy. This is not what I want to convey with my paintings. I want to work through and express feelings and emotions that I or others are dealing with."

  • Copy of an original painting from Nicola Werner

    Limited to 100 numbered copies

    • Digital photo with resolution of 36mpx (Nikon D800)
    • Edited by in Adobe Photoshop to match color of original
    • Printed on Epson SC-P20000 ink jet 
    • Canvas of similar structurew and quality as original: Hahnemühle Canvas Daguerre
    • Size: as original
    • Shipped in protected rolls
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