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NWC 9 - Partners

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

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Join The NWC Family as Partner

You'll take on an important role at The NWC: help making it work and creating a day to remember. 

As partner you help to make the magic happen.


Alignment on our values and supporting our vision is an important part in all of our engagements.

  • Values: Challenge, Respect, Giving, Openness, Live the music that plays within you
  • Vision: The NWC will be the approach & event in road cycling which makes a difference for the fight against cancer (HPV)

The NWC is a volunteer driven initiative: everyone gives as much as he/she can, instead of what he/ she wants…

The NWC has no employees, however some freelance work is remunerated.

Whilst free products, services as support are appreciated, The NWC’s policy is to alternatively compensate for certain products & services at cost basis.

The NWCs business model is set up such that

  • > 80% of donations from individuals will be directly attributed to cancer research
  • Revenue from merchandising, Sponsorship, donations from institutions will be primarily used to operate the NWC, fund the events.

The NWC offers to collaborate with companies, organizers, institutions according to capabilities regardless of size.

We look for Sponsors who contribute reaching our goals, via

  1. Financial Sponsoring to enable events and the operating of the association
  2. Match teams’ fundraising contributions
  3. Improving brand recognition e.g. campaigning/communicating for The NWC
  4. Providing incentives for our fundraisers recognition
  5. Help with resources to prepare & run the events or to grow the backbone of The NWC
  6. Organizing a NWC

The NWC offers to its sponsors:

  • Co-branding for selected parts of the event or selected activities
  • Associate your brand with The NWC, a forward thinking non profit organization
  • To make an impact on cancer prevention & cancer research
  • Join a NWC event with a team and / or set up individual physical or virtual NWC events
  • Being part of a fast-growing international community
  • Cross referencing in Social media
  • Excellent media for internal and external communication

Partner Onboarding document

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