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What happens with your donations / funds raised? 

The NWC co-finances with its fundraising efforts the project: “Immunotherapy for Cervical Cancer” at the Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR). The project is led by Dr. Judith Michels who was in charge of Nicola for the treatments conducted in France. In addition we continue to support the project “cancer prevention for Kids” at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). The results of the project will be for the benefit of all. 

At least 80% of your donation is directly allocated to the research project of Gustave Roussy and the DKFZ. The remaining % of donations are used to finance the administrative functions of The NWC such as Accounting, Web & Software Infrastructure.

Does The NWC provide Tax exemption receipts?

The Institut Gustave Roussy will issue to French tax residents a receipt for tax exemption of 66% of the amount received which will be at least 80% of your donation (tax deduction for donation of €100 = €52,80).

IGR will send the tax exemption document prior to end of year provided you consent to the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – from IGR. 

What is The NWCs fundraising objective?

The NWC made in the past contributions of €122,000 to cancer research:

  • 2016: €4,000
  • 2017: €4,000
  • 2018: €10,000
  • 2019: €15,000
  • 2020: €33,000
  • 2021: €56,000

For 2022 The NWC would like to raise €100,000 – €150,000 which would double the contribution to cancer research.

Together with our participants, volunteers & sponsors we are committed to grow the current level of donations to midterm €500k annually for cancer research with the respective increasing number of participants across the globe.

Will Donors receive recognition?

Donors are eligible to participate in a draw to receive a recognition for their efforts. 

The rules are set forth as follows:

  1. Minimum donation in 1 or several instalments per donor: €50 to participate in the regular draw & €250 to participate in the premium draw
  2. Participation on a per person basis and only the personal donation counts towards the threshold
  3. The higher the donation the higher the probability to win in the draw:
€ DonationTickets for the draw
Regular premium
>1000+2 for each €50+4 for each €250
All complete*
prior to 31/07
+ 1 Ticket+ 1 Ticket
* Registration including certificate medical for France, Donation and purchase of the NWC collection (socks and caps excluded)
  1. A  donor can only win once and not several times
  2. The Process for the draw is:
    1. The most valuable price goes first with a draw among all the premium donors
    2. The tickets of the winner will be removed from the next round
    3. The next price goes second with a draw among the premium donors & the tickets of the winner will be removed from the next round
    4. This continues until all Premium prices are taken
    5. The tickets of non winning donors of the premium draw will be part of the regular draw and the same process will be applied
    6. If a winner doesn’t accept the prize, it goes back into the pool and a draw among all non winning donors will be performed.
  3. Timeline:
    1. The NWC fundraising campaign closes on September 30, 2022
    2. The draw will be performed during October 2022
    3. The winners will be informed directly 
    4. Official communication will go out by end of November 2022

What are the goods in the recognition?

Premium draw:

  • 1 ready to ride (RTR) Open Cycle UP bike in the 2022 NWC colours 
  • 1 pair of Christian Louboutin Souliers 
  • 10 x 2 invitations for the arrival of the Tour de France 2023 on the most prestigious Terasse of the Champs Elysee hosted by LPA – CGR Avocats
  • 1 stay at the Barn Hotel for 2
  • 1 dinner for 2 with Moritz WERNER in Paris at a favourite restaurant
  • 1 framed work from Antoine Ricardou for the NWC Ed N°7

Regular draw:

  • 2 Tickets for the Race Across France 2023 with supplemental Coaching
  • 1 3 months coaching for Race Across France with Julien Botas
  • 1 3 months coaching for Race Across France with Stefan Drexl (Sugar & Pain)
  • 1 Custom Digital Animation from Judith using your Photo from NWC Ed N°7
  • Goodies from Zefal 
  • 6 Magnum bottles wine of Chateau Etroyes (confirmed)
  • Faber Castell box of pencils 
  • 5 complete 2023 NWC kits 
  • ride100percent sunglasses
  • The NWC products previous years

For the Best Fundraising Team

  • Recognition to be announced soon.


Donations are non refundable. 

It is a legal non binding draw and any recourse is excluded.

NWC core team members are excluded from the draw.

​Shipping of recognition items is included, import taxes and duties to be covered by the recipient.