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Make your contribution to cancer research

The NWC is about giving: we give The NWC to you and you give what you can for Cancer Research!

Every donation ≥€50 participates in the regular and every donation ≥250 participates in the premium draw for the prestigious fundraising rewards with the main price being a fully equipped Open-bike in the NWX N°7 colors.
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NEW: The Institut Gustave Roussy will issue to French tax residents a receipt for tax exemption of 66% of the amount received which will be at least 80% of your donation (tax deduction for donation of €100 = €52,80).IGR will send the tax exemption document prior to end of year provided you consent to the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – from IGR.

We appreciate very much if you start your own fundraising campaign to increase your reach & funds raised.

  • it’s in addition for those who have limited funds the best way to make an impact in this years campaign.
  • we will help you in getting started.