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March 31: Bienvenue Printemps!

Chers Amis, dear Friends, liebe Freunde,

Two weeks ago everything came to a standstill. Now I’m locked down in my apartment, thinking a lot about you, your families and friends.

Your focus is for sure on priorities other than the Nicola Werner Challenge, however, I felt like reaching out.

We are all doing our part to buy time, time for the deadly spread to slow down and to give science the chance to find a cure and vaccination.

Compared to the scale of the current global challenges, ours seems small; fortunately there is already a highly effective vaccination available to protect against cancers caused by HPV.

With your help we will continue to raise awareness for HPV cancer prevention.

Our plans for 2020 were inked before the Coronavirus crisis started and we had many actions in mind for our project.

However, the NWC Ed N°5 seems more than just a few months away with the present challenges we face together.

For now we will keep the NWC on the agenda; more than ever, this should be a day where we celebrate life, enjoy being with friends and ride together like in the previous 4 editions whilst making a statement for our cause.

Our partners stay at our side, and soon we’ll be up and running again, working on an even more promising programme.

On behalf of our team I wish that you and your families overcome this period of social distancing safely, surmount the social and economic impacts and most importantly to remain in good mental and physical health.

I am looking forward to seeing you on September 12th 2020, for the NWC Ed N° 5!



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