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D-2: Riders assignments & departures & les allemands..

Good Evening,

we promised a complete briefing package for this evening...

Although I'm German, we're running a bit behind schedule, so tonight's briefing package will be light & we deliver the rest on Friday.

1. Your departure times and group assignments are in the riders list

  • please come 20 minutes prior to departure of your group to check in, fix the name plate on your seat post & drop off your small bag

  • there is no ravito at the start, bring something for the road as the first real stop is at around 70km

  • make sure you have lights, sparetubes, bike freshly maintained & your helmet

  • respect the Corona rules established for Paris: distancing, masks ....

2. Here are a few links to the most recent press Coverage

3. Join me for dinner on Saturday evening at La Fabbrica make your reservation online

Weather is supposed to be excellent in Berlin, Bochum, Black Forest, Seattle, Paris and all other locations the 300 cyclists will master the Nicola Werner Challenge!

A demain!


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