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"Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, is leading the digital transformation of life sciences, working with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies, and academic researchers accelerate value, minimize risk, and optimize outcomes. We have always been a purpose-driven and socially aware organization. In keeping with Medidata’s mission to help ensure that all patients have access to life-changing treatments, we continually look for ways to serve the communities where we live and work, and that is why we are proud to be riding for the third year in the NWC in support of cancer research."

Moritz Werner:

Antoine will share his own words soon.

If I try capture the collaboration with Be-poles, I'd say:


"if you look for an emphatic, customer oriented, forward thinking, fast & decisive partner for design and branding, then go to Be-Poles, there is no better one. An excellent prodsunct will be delivered on time.

that's my 5 years + experience..."


"At Poilâne, we cannot wait for the 2021 edition of THE NWC, our 4th time participating in this unique ride. 

What started as a nutritional & culinary challenge for us, has become an object of pride: feeding cyclists to power their ride with our breads, biscuits and pâtisseries boulangères. 


Not least of which, celebrating your success at the finish line together, with the edible medals!" 

Apollonia Poilane - Breadbaker & CEO 


"I was impressed by Moriz’s dedication for the NWC when I first met him a couple of months ago. At Zéfal, sharing the same values, we immediatly wanted to be on board. For our 1st year of partnership, we’ve made some NWC customs bottles for each rider. I am looking forward to taking part of the challenge !"

Aurélien Brunet - CEO 

L’imprimerie Script Laser a relevé son premier défi à vélo en Juin 2021, en faisant Paris-Bruxelles et en organisant aussi une collecte au profit de la lutte contre le cancer. 

Partageant les mêmes valeurs que le Nicola Werner Challenge, nous avons voulu relever le challenge de l’édition n°6. 
Moritz Werner nous a naturellement confié l’impression des autocollants et des plaques NWC.

Nous sommes très heureux de ce nouveau partenariat et de pouvoir rouler tous ensemble prochainement !"


Sébastien Fabre Martin - CEO


"All the Hutchinson team can not wait for this new edition of THE NWC.

We’ve been very proud to support this very special ride for 4 years now. We hope our French rubber will be a reliable aly for all the cyclists througout the world participating in this amazing project.

For Parisians, we’ll be very happy celebrate together during the ride and at the finish line !"

Sylvie Woronecki - Responsable Communication 

"At LPA-CGR avocats we are very proud to support the Nicola Werner Challenge in its Paris edition for the second year!


Every day, our lawyers are fully committed to their missions in order to provide balanced, sustainable and respectful solutions for our clients and partners. We are committed and involved far beyond our work and constantly try to exceed our limits and to support causes that are dear to us.


Participating in the NWC race gives us an unforgettable experience ! It is a way for us to be more open, collective and engaged in our times. This is perfectly in line with our firm’s values!"

Sandra Hundsdörfer - Partner 

Moritz Werner:

The Barn is our favourite place in Paris for a coffee stop and its the place for lunch at the Paris NWW

Moritz Werner:

NWC finishers receive the special Faber Castell Pencil for a reason: its a reminder for looking at the world from an artists perspective like Nicola 


Moritz Werner:

Rapha helped us from day 1 to develop a series of unique NWC jerseys: every jersey reflects the mood of the particular year

Rides in several cites stop at a Rapha Clubhouse

"Pour la 2e année consécutive, MSD est fier de s’engager aux côtés de l’association Nicola Werner, à l’occasion du Nicola Werner Challenge. Cette randonnée mixte, unique en son genre, est l’occasion pour nous de réaffirmer notre engagement en faveur de la lutte contre les cancers liés aux papillomavirus qui peuvent toucher les femmes comme les hommes, aux côtés de cette jeune association, particulièrement dynamique et engagée."

Lauriane Bassoleil - 

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"Hitters Social Club is a community of individuals who share the same love for the road.

We happen to compete for village signs and hilltops, we love the challenge the road has to offer, as long as we can share them as a group. 

While being the opposite of competition, the NWC is the event we look forward the most every year, as we will ride for a greater purpose, for those who have fought sickness and for those who cannot ride with us. Riding for the NWC is our pride."

Alex Jacque - 


"Team I Hate Cancer is a cancer-hating wrecking crew dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer fighting causes where we can make an immediate impact."

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