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Article 1. Organization


The NWC cyclosportive events are organised under the aegis of the French Cycling Federation (FFV).  


Article 2. Conditions of participation 


The events are open to all, licensed and non-licensed cyclists aged 18 and over in the year of the event. 

According to the conditions of the FFV, to validate their registration, participants must provide a medical certificate or a copy of their licence (applicable to France)

- FFC, UFOLEP, FSGT, FF Handisport & FFTri licence holders must provide a photocopy (perfectly legible) of their licence for the year of the event. 

- FFCT, FFC Pass'Loisirs, Service, Supervision, licensed referees must provide a photocopy of a medical certificate indicating that they are not contraindicated to practice cycling in competition, dated less than 1 year before the day of the race. The certificate must be perfectly legible, dated and signed by the doctor with his stamp.  

- Foreign participants, whether or not they hold a licence, must provide a medical certificate indicating that they are not contraindicated to practice cycling in competition, dated less than 1 year before the day of the race. The certificate must be perfectly legible, dated and signed by the doctor with his stamp.  The document must be in French only (or original + 1 translated version in French).  


A blank model of medical certificate is available on the event website.

Without a valid licence or medical certificate, the removal of the bike plate will be refused. No liability waiver will be accepted. 

To participate in the event, each participant acknowledges :

- To have read the present rules and to accept them in their entirety.

- To be aware of the risks associated with cycling, such as individual or collective falls.

- To be fully aware that the role of the organiser is not to help or assist them in dealing with their problems, even in the event of technical damage or physical or mental problems.

- Have acquired a level of cycling that is appropriate to the chosen route and be fully aware of its difficulty.

- Know how to deal with the realities of riding on hilly courses and in weather conditions that may be difficult (rain, cold, etc.).

- Accept, by virtue of their registration, without reservation and irrevocably, all the risks of the event and in particular of accidents which may even lead to the death of the participant, and to bear sole responsibility for any type of damage of which they would be victim and which would result from their participation in the event. 

- To accept to participate in the race at his/her own risk. 

- To show respect for the participants and the private property that the course may cross.

- Provide assistance and help to any participant in difficulty 

- Respect the compulsory equipment (article 4)

By accepting all the risks of this event, the participant accepts, with full knowledge of the possible consequences, to discharge the entire responsibility of the organiser in tort and/or in contract for any damage that he/she may suffer as a result of the event and its organisation, and therefore waives any recourse against the organiser. 

The present article constitutes a substantial element of the participant's acceptance to compete in The NWC 7th edition and more generally in the events organised by the NWC association and of the organiser's acceptance to validate the registration of the participant. 

Participants compete as individuals. 

The organiser reserves the right to limit the number of participants without notice.  


Article 3.  Routes 

The timetable for each route and details of the route can be found on the website. The course is defined subject to the prefectural authorization and can be modified by the organizer at any time.

Participants will be called to the starting line 15 minutes before the start of the race for a reminder of the instructions. It is the responsibility of each participant to be present in time for the registration, briefing and start of the event.

The roads will be open to traffic, the riders must scrupulously respect the highway code, drive on the right and adapt their speed. 

The organisation reserves the right to exclude any participant who does not respect the highway code.    


Article 4. Compulsory equipment


Competitors are solely responsible for ensuring that the equipment they use complies with the standards in force, as well as for its maintenance.

Each participant must present himself at the start with the cycling and sports equipment listed below. 

Compulsory : 

- It is compulsory to wear an approved hard-shell helmet (CE standards) with the chinstrap fastened during the entire event. Participants lose insurance coverage if they do not wear a helmet. If the helmet is not worn at the start, the competitor will not be allowed to take part in the race (withdrawal of the bicycle plate). If the helmet is not worn during the race, the competitor may be excluded. 

- Filled water bottles for the hydration of the cyclist. Mandatory.

The equipment listed below is recommended for the duration of the event: 

- A bicycle pump, a spare inner tube or a puncture-proof spray, if the bicycle is not equipped with tubeless. Recommended. 

- A pair of gloves is recommended.  

- A fully charged, switched-on mobile phone with GPS and emergency numbers stored is recommended. 

If the recommended equipment is not worn, the organisation cannot be held responsible for any incidents and their consequences. 

Competitors are responsible for the proper functioning and monitoring of their equipment. 

A locker system and a bike park will be installed. Participants acknowledge the non-responsibility of the organisers for the surveillance of goods or personal objects in case of theft or loss. Objects, accessories or bicycles handed over to third parties during the event (members of the organisation or not) will be under the entire responsibility of the participant depositing them. 


Article 5. Registration

Registrations are made exclusively through digital means. Registration is open until 31 August 2023.

To validate his/her online registration, the participant must accurately fill in all the mandatory fields of the form, commit to providing a real and active e-mail address, of which he/she is the exclusive owner. The organiser is the sole judge of the selected participants and no dispute will be accepted. 


Article 6. Bike plates

Bike plates are to be collected at the starting site. The exact address and times can be found on the "PRACTICAL INFORMATION" page of the event website. 

You will need to bring your registration confirmation (QR CODE) and your identity card or licence. Those who have not validated their registration (medical certificate / licence / incomplete file) will have to present the supporting documents at the start control. 


Article 7. Insurance

Civil liability: The organisers have taken out a contract covering their civil liability as well as that of the participants involved. It only takes effect on the official itinerary and during the event, for participants who are regularly registered, checked at the start, on the course and until the finish.

Individual accident: FFV licence holders benefit from the individual accident insurance taken out and attached to their licence. 

Damage and material liability: neither the organiser nor his insurer will cover any damage to participants' equipment, particularly in the event of a fall or theft.  

Article 8. Exceptional conditions and cancellation 

If circumstances require so, the organiser reserves the right to modify the present regulations at any time (course, starting times, and any other organisational point linked to the smooth running of the event...).  

In the event of force majeure beyond its control, excessively unfavourable climatic conditions, pandemics or any other circumstance endangering the safety ́ of the competitors, the organiser reserves the right: 

- To modify/defer the starting time by a maximum of a few hours 

- To shorten or neutralise the event  

- To stop the event  

- To cancel the event  

In the event of a change, the organiser will endeavour to inform all registered participants by e-mail, to the address they have given on the registration form. Any major changes made will apply immediately upon notification by any means, including publication of the revised rules on the event website. 

If the event is cancelled for reasons of force majeure or by decision of the prefecture for reasons beyond the control of the organiser, the organisation is relieved of all recourse by the competitors. The announcement will be made electronically at the address communicated by the participant, on the event's website, or on the day of the event, by microphone, by display at the reception points and by registration.


Article 9. Intellectual property rights 

By registering, the participant authorises the organiser, its partners and the media to use the photos in which he/she may appear during the event. The use of these images may in no case infringe upon ̀ the private life or reputation of the participant.


Article 10. Personal data 

The participants are informed that the personal data collected are subject to computer processing intended exclusively to allow the communication of information related to the event by the organiser of the latter. The NWC organisation, which is responsible for this processing, undertakes not to communicate the personal data collected to third parties.  

In accordance with Order No. 2018-1125 of 12 December 2018 taken in application of Article 32 of Law No. 2018-493 of 20 June 2018 relating to the protection of personal data and amending Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms and various provisions concerning the protection of personal data, each participant has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the processing of data concerning him or her by providing proof of his or her identity to the Organiser, by sending a letter to: Mr Moritz Werner, 6, rue Théodule Ribot, 75017 Paris.

This authorisation is valid for the duration of the copyright from the date of participation in the event.  

Article 11. Validation of the rules 

Registration to the event implies the knowledge and the acceptance without reserve of the entirety of the present rules as well as the ethics of The NWC.

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