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DONATION / GIVING for NWC 7 is open until September 30, 2022:

Everyone can give directly to the support of the research project “immunotherapy for cervical cancer”  at the Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR)  and the German Cancer Research Center.

The NWC would like to co-finance midterm a clinical trial for this or another project with €500,000

This year we would like to raise €100,000-€150,000 for cancer research!

At least 80% of donations will be attributed to these research projects.

French Tax Residents will have the additional benefit of a 66% tax reduction for the amount The NWC is donating to IGR (for example if you give €200 → €160 donated to IGR → €160 – 66% = €54,40 net → €40+ €54,40 = €94,40 after taxes = the €100 we asked for last year).

The NWC gives the events to its participants, however the core team and the sponsors expect our participants to give what they can for cancer research:

  1. As in previous years it should be for Paris at least €100 / participant and it’s appreciated if the tax reduction comes also to the benefit of The NWC.
  2. Other cities will set their own expectations and share them on the cities campaign pages.
  3. Make your donation or set up your own fundraising page to make your contribution to cancer research!

Eligible donators participate in a draw to receive a recognition for their efforts. 

  1. Minimum donation in one or more instalments per donator: €50 to participate in the regular draw and €250 to participate in the premium draw
  2. Participation on a per person basis and only the personal donation counts towards the threshold
  3. The higher the donation the higher the probability to win one of the prestigious rewards

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