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Why is the page in English?The NWC has participants from all over the world and currently our capacities allow only to provide a website in 1 language
I cannot see my fundraiserThe fundraiser is only visible with a pre-set fund-raising objective
What are the costs of the Ravito in Paris?Poilâne sponsors the petit déjeuner which has a retail value of €12 per person.
The Barn Hotel provides the lunch at cost basis, the retail value of the buffet is €40
Energy bars, coffees etc provided during the event have a retail value of approx. €10
Why are the events “free” ?A core value of The NWC is to give, hence the organizers give the events to the participants in order to motivate their willingness to donate for cancer support
Is a donation mandatory?Whilst a donation can only be voluntarily, the The NWC team hopes that every participant makes some efforts to contribute within their capacities.
How much should I donate?The different cities provide some indication what they’d like to see as a minimum donation.

As orientation you could always use similar events like a marathon, a triathlon etc. as reference for what you should at least donate