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NWC 9 - Set up City

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD


Join The NWC Family as another city

You'll take on an important role at The NWC: help making it work and creating a day to remember. 

As city organizer you help to grow the NWC! 


Alignment on our values and supporting our vision is an important part in all of our engagements.

  • Values: Challenge, Respect, Giving, Openness, Live the music that plays within you
  • Vision: The NWC will be the approach & event in road cycling which makes a difference for the fight against cancer (HPV)

The NWC is a volunteer driven initiative: everyone gives as much as he/she can, instead of what he/ she wants…

The NWC has no employees, however some freelance work is remunerated.

Whilst free products, services as support are appreciated, The NWC’s policy is to alternatively compensate for certain products & services at cost basis.

The NWCs business model is set up such that

  • > 80% of donations from individuals will be directly attributed to cancer research
  • Revenue from merchandising, Sponsorship, donations from institutions will be primarily used to operate the NWC, fund the events.


  • Be part of a growing community of primarily cyclists who raise funds for cancer research
  • Associate your brand with The NWC, a forward thinking non profit organization
  • Make an impact on cancer prevention & cancer research
  • Being part of a fast-growing international community
  • Cross referencing in Social media
  • Be rewarded with great feedback from your participants
  • Enjoy a great day on the bike, exercise and make friends!
  • Increase  awareness for cancer prevention with adapting behaviour and taking advantage of preventive measures: every participant rides for a person who has or had cancer and carries its name on the bike plate
  • Raise funds for cancer research

Setting up a new cities is an interactive process:

  • In an initial call we discuss the right setup and align on expectatins for your event: start & arrival, coures & distance, participants, fundraising ... 
  • We include you in the cities WhatsApp
  • Make you part of the regular cadence
  • Your city wil be included in the NWC communication: gerneal messaging, reminders to sign up and to fundraise etc. 

NWC 9 timeline:

  • June 30: closing for city applications
  • August 31: last estimate for # participants & shipment of goodies
  • September 02: last day for registration
  • September 12: bike plates & other last minute goods arrive in city 

City Onboarding document

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