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NWC 9 - Ride Leaders

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD

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Be a Ride Leader for The NWC9!

You participate as a contributor who chose make the magic happen and to create a day to remember.

Ride Leaders  will be distinguished 

  • during the ride with a Ride Leader bike plate 
  • on the NWC website as member of The NWC Family

We expect Ride Leaders to lead the ride on The NWC day and make sure 

  1. no accidents 
  2. your group has a great experience 
  3. speed and timing

Furthermore we ask Ride Leaders to 

  • recruit participants
  • grow the community
  • write and send the holiday cards to your ride participants 
  • organize or help with preparation rides to engage the community
  • set up a fundraising page to reach out into your community

As Ride Leader you will receive the Sunset jersey as a complementary gift:

  1. the code will be mailed once your application is accepted + you've registered - please note you've to cover the shipment fees
  2. order it in The NWC shop
  3. enjoy Sunset as your preferred jersey througout the season.

Ride Leaders will

  • be part of the Ride Leaders Commujity on The NWC WhatsApp
  • have access to the "Check-In by Wix" app to see who is regisetered for your city & to check in cyclists 

We appreciate your application and will inform you soon whether you'll lead a group at The NWC 9!

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