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City Onboarding


We're setting up a new digital backbone for the NWC based on Salesforce.

Would you like to manage your campaign and maybe also for other cities in your region using Salesforce?

Or do you prefer the process like previous years where we share reports regularly?

Event Details

Please share already some ideas how you'd like to set up your NWC event.
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Distance: 50 km
Distance: 50 km
Provide expected number of participants


It's up to you to set a minimal fundraising target for the event and to set the exception for for each participant.

Like last year there will be a draw for fundraising recognition with at least two tiers of eligibility

> €50 for general goodies

> €250 to be part of the draw for the big prices such as the very exclusive dinner with Gustave Roussy, the pair of Christian Louboutin Souliers, the Open bike.

We also encourage participants to create their own fundraising campaign, so they can better spread the word and raise even more

Selected Value: 1000
Selected Value: 10
Selected Value: 20
Selected Value: 1000
in case you like to have different amounts, please provide them
In case you like to have dedicated teams on the ride, please provide their names to be added to the registration form
Please let us know what's missing & what you like to add specifically